I'll Take Care of You


  1. " So darling tell me that you'll be true
    There's no doubt in my mind, I know what I want to do
    And then just as sure as one and one is two
    I know I'll take care of you ... "

    Et de lui l'Original : Gil Scott-Heron

    1. Non, K., selon Wikipédia, G. Scott-Heron n'est pas l'interprète original. : ""I'll Take Care of You" is a song written by Brook Benton and originally recorded by Bobby Bland in 1959. It reached number 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1960. [...] The song has been covered many times since by artists such as Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Roy Hamilton, Etta James, Mick Hucknall, Irma Thomas, O. V. Wright, Mark Lanegan and Gil Scott-Heron." Mais, pour ma part je ne connaissais que la reprise - je ne savais donc pas, jusqu'à aujourd'hui, que c'en était une - faite par M. Lanegan au début des 90's. Celle de G.S.H. me plaît aussi beaucoup.